Sunday, 15 May 2011

M-I-l-L-Y M

I think there is something wrong with blogger. Many of the blogs I read don't appear to be displaying a link to my blog link. It is probably blogger hiding it behind a less well known blog or more probably a glitch in the blogger program.

Of those that do manage to make blogger work properly some manage to spell my boat name wrong, even though there is a picture right at the top of the blog.
So we will try again then. Say after me M-I-L-L-Y M. No its not Mily, Millie  or even Milli or anything else. Come on guys difficult it is not!

And to ad insult to injury we can't even get my name right its M-a-f-f-i not Maffie or Maffy or Maffey.


GO-FOR-IT said...

hi just to let you know your blog is on my blog ok

Steve and Chris said...

and ours too :-) But would you prefer the link to say Maffi or Milly M?

Maffi said...

It's not for me to say it is your blog, but as long as it is correct.