Friday, 20 May 2011

Speeders are in season.

'Our Winnie' a Thrupp Canal Cruising Club boat has just gone past the wharf. Traveling at speed inappropriate for passing moored boats and creating breaking wash damaging the bank and wildlife. It is one of the many TCCC boats that seem to think that the rules do not apply to them. I have reminded them before what the speed limit is on the canal but obviously  they are to dumb to understand simple english English.

The Club is always telling non members what they can and cannot do but they never seem to tell their own people. You will remeber I was told about mooring on the winding hole and three club members in the next couple of weeks did exactly the same with impunity. The Club has rules which it's members seem to take great pleasure in breaking.

Maybe Mr TCCC Chairman when you read this you might consider putting an entry in the club newsletter reminding your members of their obligation to monitor their speed properly that includes looking back at their wash often. Responsibility for the safe operation of their boats must surely be an integral part of the agreement for the very cheap moorings your members enjoy.


Anonymous said...

as your blog is a private record as you so frequently say, and say at the top that the blog has no more importance than anything on a toilet wall (such writings I assume TCCC ignore) and as you often write to the council etc then why don't you write a letter to the TCCC about these things and post it to their address which I know you know. You never know, it might make a difference

Maffi said...

TCCC read this if only to see which of my opinions they don't agree with today. :)

Anonymous said...

that will be my point whistling past your ear!