Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I hate T-Mobile. They seem to be totally incapable of doing anything right. 18 moths ago I had trouble updating the firmware on my dongle. The update file would not recognise my dongle. After three attempts to get me a new one (about 6 weeks) I finally got them to send me one with the firmware already updated. So it was all sorted.

Last month my dongle started playing up again. It went away for repair, for 3 bloody weeks! I threatened to cancel my DD. Funnily enough a new one arrived two days later. Would you believe the FW is the old FW and needs updating. The update file does not recognise my dongle in fact it say it cant find it which is funny because I just used it to download that very file. When I spoke to them last month the chap said “Oh you have one of those we haven’t done that model for a long time.”

What is the point of sending out a dongle that is not up to date. I think I need 3G or Virgin or O2 or Orange or anything but T-friggin-mobile

And relax.

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JD said...

I wouldn't buy Orange, as T-Mobile and Orange have recently merged, and share call centres, so you would get the same crappy service...