Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Theiving B'stards

Last week when returning from the pub I noticed a torch light on the wharf. By the time I arrived who ever it was had gone and along with them my generator! I missed them by less than a minute. I looked around to see if my iminent arrival had caused them to drop the said generator, but it was nowhere to be seen.
I called the feds. They sent a dog team to scour the area to no avail.
A follow up visit an hour later from the local bobbies revealed nothing. However I did mention that there had been a spate of thefts from boats in the last few weeks, they said that they were not aware probably because people don't report small thefts. They did say that  we should all report any theft no matter how small. Unless they know there is a problem they can't deal with it.

Its not what they stole that irks me its the fact that they scoped my boat and decide that I didn't need it. I might have needed it as a standby power source for my dialysis machine. I am sure if they were caught their lawyer would claim that they wern't to know I needed it so bad.
On a happy note I have had the generator for two years and in all that time I have never even been able to make it cough let alone run. So really they did me a favour, now I dont have to take it to the skip. Suckers!!!

Like ths but darker blue.


The Crew: Mike, Mags and Poppy! said...

You might just want to publish the serial number - Just in case it comes up on ebay. I always do a simple google search on serial numbers on such items I am thinking of purchasing.

It worked for me on a possible motorcycle purchase. It was not stolen but it had been in a serious crash - not reported to his insurance and had a repair done by the owner. He wrote about it on a forum, he gave out the engine number when looking to source specific spare parts.

Maffi said...

I might but unfortunately I don't have it. But it is a pretty standard 600w generator called a Launtop and has a blue painted cover on the top. I will see if I can find a picture.

Anonymous said...

that picture doesnt' look anything like your generator! Yours was more squat.... !!!


Dave Futcher said...

Maffi this is terrible!
I am really sorry to read about your generator going. Dave from Hallmark

BigJohn said...

Have you reported it to BW?