Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thieving B’stards 11

Following the theft of my generator last week I have placed a sign in the window of my boat. It reads:-

Thank you for stealing my GENERATOR

Now I no longer have to worry
about running my dialysis

I dont suppose for one minute the perp will see it even if he can read.


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Maffi! I just nearly choked laughing on my cuppa, you are funny! Thank you.

Ps. sorry about your generator....

Maffi said...

The trouble is rather than make the gilty b'stards feel some remorse I am probably going to get a few generators turn up on the wharf from anonymous philanthropological walkers feeling my 'pain', then what do I do?

Did you see that very long word I used there I didn't know I had it in me, must be college.

Anonymous said...

another long word for you


Anonymous said...

Maffi - that kind of silly bastard is inured to any feeling of guilt, will be unlikely to walk there to see what else is available and will most certainly rot in hell when the time comes!
I read on a blog (just can't rem the blog) that they had seen a boat being towed away by BW. Seemed the engine had failed, the owners had a house to return to, were new boat owners. When they went back the boat had been stripped even down to a part used washing up bottle!
So, since you say the genny had not been much good then - do pls - thank your stars that Milly M ( SEE! correct sp here!) was not otherwise plundered.

Maffi said...

What me? No! A misanthropist is 'someone who doesn't like people in general'. Whereas I do like people in general, until they piss me off!