Wednesday, 4 May 2011


TUPE- Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006

The TUPE regulations were introduced to prevent companies taking over another and cutting the staff salaries i.e. banging them all back down to National minimum.

This regulation can not be meant to safeguard the salaries of people who earn phenomenal amounts over and above what is reasonable.

Our military personal me included do not/did not stand in defence of greedy people milking our state. BW CEO and the board must go.


Jaqueline Almdale said...

Imagine how different the world would be if the highest paid CEO/Director/Dean in any organization or business could make no more than three times that of the lowest paid employee in said organization or business.

Heth said...

From a comment I added to my blog post on 7th May, the facts:
""Just thought I'd let you know Will Chapman from "Save our Waterways" who's dedicated to working dam hard on trying to make positive changes to the system (that IMHO won't work)asked me on Farcebook WHY I BLAMED ROBING EVANS? This was my (2nd) reply:

Perhaps I should've said at the start why RE gets the blame, he joined BW in 1999 & was made Chief Exec in 2002. Just about right timing for when things started to fall apart. As for lack of funding from the Government, well I can only liken his "management" of that funding to someone adding a massive extension or 2 to their house whilst allowing the rest of it to fall into disrepair.. He frittered it away on "spectacular" projects (without foresight) that have totally back-fired, & been paid one million every 2 years for doing so. No wonder he's gone qt while dedicated people like Will get on with making an effort.
In addition: Once RE loses his massive bonus (when, sorry, if BW becomes part of a charitable trust) odds on he'll disappear from the scene & become a fat cat somewhere else... Not a bad thing at all...""

Meanwhile nothing changes & if the guy had any balls & a modicum of interest he'd stand aside out of SHAME...


Heth said...

Ahem, sorry, that daming post of mine was 6th May, you don't have to "guess what this is" well, you can if you want but the lines have closed. Does this make any sense whatsoever??