Saturday, 14 May 2011


As is the norm in any class, exercises are set to give you a new avenue to explore with whatever it is you are doing, in my case writing. Last week it was 'The Letter on the Mantelpiece'. This is a fairly standard exercise for this course and others in the class had heard of it before, I hadn't. As is always the case we never get to finish in class, but we do read out what we have written in the time allowed, usually not more than half an hour. After class I take the time to finish off the work set to make it suitable for presentation.

My LOTMP was a letter to the father of a WW1 soldier.  It has worked out very well. I thought it was not too shabby, but others who have read it, the good Dr's Bones and Saffin and a well known canal worker, all of whom have opinions I greatly respect are telling me it is something far better than I perceive.

It would seem then I could be getting the hang of this writing malarkey.

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