Monday, 11 July 2011

Breaking wash.

A narrow boat comes past breaking wash. I suggest he should slow down. “It doesn’t go any slower,” he said.  I have to wonder if he should be allowed to travel on a narrow canal if he can’t do so without damaging the banks. If a boat cannot slow down enough to stop breaking wash then then it is breaking the speed requirements laid down.

Maybe it is time to have a ‘tickover’ speed check as part of the BSS.


Kath said...

I quite agree!! And what a good idea
(nb Herbie)

TimD said...

I agree this is bad form and his reaction was rude, but bear in mind that some boat shapes create a breaking wake at slower speeds which can be a real problem when the water levels are low and the banks shallow.

Maffi said...

The rule does not say 'depending on your boat shape' or 'depending on the depth'. I think it says 'you will not break wash'