Tuesday, 5 July 2011

City Noise

I was wakened this morning by the tones of the infernal 2-stroke engine. This is the pocket park at the end of the Hythe Bridge Arm. It is a small expanse of grass in the city. What ever happened to the lawnmower? These things turn up totally unannounced at stupid o’clock in the morning and destroy the peace and tranquillity of what is a very nice part of the city.DSCF0177
When they have finished stripping the grass out comes the blower, an equally raucous noise generator, to blow the strimmings off the path and on to what was the grass, covering over the evidence.


Allan said...

This the price one has to pay now and then to keep this very nice piece of the city nice, its not every day just now and then, you just moored on the wrong day I think you can put up with it dont you?

thamessteamer said...

every time we get Alaska hosed down and polished up ready for a charter job some idiot with a strimmer or a tractor comes along and sprays grass all over the starboard side. Don't get me started on Canada Geese...........