Monday, 25 July 2011


What a wonderful weekend and what a good start to the week. I (we) lead such a privileged life. I live in a beautiful village. People, many of whom I do not know gently nudge my life on their way past, say hello, and then go on to somewhere else in their lives. This leaves me stunned that they would even bother to even think of li’'l’ ol’ me when out on their trips.

Often people just appear that are the greatest surprise, take yesterday for example. After all the boats were put to bed I walked down the towpath (bicycle tyre flat). Molly stopped at every boat on the way as she usually does. I chatted to a number of boaters for a short while. At my boat I was pissed off because I left my boat key in the lock up. I returned to get the key chatting to one or two people on the way. With the keys in my hand I was off down the towpath and, yes you’ve guessed it, I chatted some more on the way back. One chap I chatted to briefly on all three occasions. On the way back reversing for water that particular chap stuck his head out of the back of the boat and asked, “Where is Maffi?”. (my name is on my boat)

I said, “That would be me I suppose”.

“Maffi, Aircraft Engineer, Saudi Arabia”.


“I’m Peter”.

Well there are many people who introduce themselves but this chap had done some homework. It transpired that we had emailed on a number of occasions while I was in Saudi (boating related). We were both in the first 100 members of the Canal World Forum. We had never met. I have never seen a picture of him. I thought that was quite a coincidence, but there is better than that. Friday I went to the Theatre in the Dock production of ‘Where the working boats went’ so did Peter. He sat in the third row I in the fourth with Bones. There are only 6 seats in each row. We were less than 6 feet apart. It never ceases to amaze me how small this world is.


Neil Corbett said...

Yes. I always say it would be hard to disappear without trace, because you'll always eventually bump into someone who knows you. (I once had to go and see the Chief Exec of a district council and he announced that he remembered me as one of the older kids on the school bus! This was 100 miles from where we grew up.)

Peter Clark said...

Hiya Maffi, it was good meeting you. Read your comment about Bones and the reader who doesn't like her column - well said you.
I grabed the mag and had a read, so now I feel as though I've met two folks from back then.
Look fwd to the possibility of meeting up again sometime. Give Molly a ruffle for me . . .
Back on CanalWorld my handle was(is) Wyeman.

Peter Clark said...

Hi Maffi You spoke of the story you'd written but not published - I wondered whether you knew of this web site . . . Apparently they helped with "Narrow Dog to Carcassonne" My e-mail if you want it, is ******************** - presume you won't make it public thanks.