Monday, 25 July 2011


The Government plan to have superfast broadband for everyone. What a joke! There are places in this country where you cant get a phone signal let alone broadband superfast or otherwise. I wonder if they have stopped to think how they are going to get a fibre optic cable to our boats?

Why not have one company whose job it is to cover the country with mobile phone signal. Much like the electric and rail. That way there will be no more sorry you cant use my phone mast unless you buy my phone. Sorry you cant use my phone mast unless you buy my dongle. It is preposterous that in this day and age of mass communication the prime objective, which should be mass communication. is stifled by childish stupidity. Grrrrrrrrr!


Quaysider said...

Working in IT, I have to admit it does seem bonkers that the 3g carriers don't just all club together or at least allow "roaming". That said, since Orange and T-Moible merged (I think one bought the other but don't know which way around) my phone does now at least switch from t-moble over to orange when I visit my folks in the Yorkshire Dales.

I THINK, (that should be in italics) the plan is to sell off the old TV frequencey in a bid to allow 4g - thus in theory giving nationwide covereage at fast speeds. The only down side I can see about that is, well, given the size of ariels we've had on houses for years, is mobile/dongle technology advanced enough yet to use smaller, more user friendly antenna?

Maffi said...

Yes but what about those places, that are not so far out in the sticks, Lower Heyford for example where the only mobile signal is O2 and you have to be standing on a particular bench on the wharf to even get a text through. It is really not an acceptable situation in this day and age. In these days of outdoor persuits where more and more people are of walking, cycling, boating, camping etc etc etc this should be well sorted. Instead its a lottery, with no chance of winning unless you live in the city. The whole point of mobile phones and mobile broadband is to be mobile.

NeilR said...

The government should have a word with '3'. Since they turned off their 2g network and now only have 3g it seems like half their customers have trouble even making a phonecall!

Wiggins said...

Here in Australia, which is a little bigger than the UK, the federal government is planning to build a nation-wide super fast broadband for everyone.

And many people are complaining about that, too.