Friday, 8 July 2011

ISIS debacle

New addition to the Mooring pontoon at Isis Lock. There is also one further along the back edge.There is a neat chain around it as well.

DSCF0218There are also new instructions at the short winding hole above the lock explaining how to wind below the lock. I had to do some clever finagling to get these pictures so I could blow them up on the computer to read the diagram0407201150204072011503







Now these two signs are mounted on the railings facing into the winding hole so you have to stand in the canal to read them. Yes I know you could try to read them as you go past but the feint lines on the right hand picture make that impossible. Any boater can read on the Nicholson’s that you can’t turn there so why would you bother reading a sign on a winding hole which you know you are not going to use. And if you were going to use the WH you couldn't see either them from 52 ft away on the tiller anyway.

A term BW does not understand Adequate Signage These are pathetic. Yet another example of non boaters telling us how to pilot our boats. They never learn!

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Brian on Harnser said...

There are also notices at Dukes Cut, see my blog