Friday, 29 July 2011

It gets worse!!!

Today I went to Heyford to top up on supplies for the day boats. I spoke to an aquaintance who I learned knew this bully. Whilst discussing what had happened another employee, who I knew vaguely as Jamie, at the yard said "I would call you fucking names too'. It was then that I recognised him as Mr Grumpy son. I asked what I had done wrong? His words 'Run your engine all day. He said words to the effect that he would throw me in the canal too if I ran my engine near him. It would appear Mr Grumpy has cloned a copy of himself, his son being an abusive bully as well. Yet another obnoxious bully worthy of the bird. My day will come!

So as far as I can gather the old duffer has been on the water 30 years he used to build boats. Does anyone have a name? I got the impression that they were scared of the boy at the yard.
Has anyone else had trouble with this bunch of bullies? Email me.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

let it go.

nb piston broke said...

I would love to moor close to this geezer and remove my silencer for the HELL of it

Maffi said...

I think that might be a nice idea, Paul.