Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lewis Piper

I arrived in Oxford yesterday and poled my way backwards down the Arm to take up the last mooring at Hythe Bridge. nb Maris Piper was here. I spent an odd half hour chatting with Mr Piper and Grandson Lewis in the evening. Young Lewis is a thoroughly engaging nine year old who, is set to be a writer. Very much into Transformers and Transporters 3 and Vampires. He already writes his own stories about Zombies.

We were talking about writers and writing when who should come along but Mark Davis who among other things wrote Alice in Waterland. Its about the role of the Thames in the creation of Alice in Wonderland. Mark had just come back from a speaking engagement and, as it happened, had a few copies in his bag. Lewis is now the proud owner of a personally signed copy of Alice in Waterland. Granddad is, of course, now short in the cash department.

I would love to see Lewis’ face when he see this.

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Nb Epiphany (Fi) said...

Mark's book is a good read for adults too! I bought it and read it when we were in "Aliceland" on the Thames. It was a good source of info for the blog!