Sunday, 17 July 2011

Poor Molly

This is Molly. She is an absolute darling. Never gets in a stress. Liked by everyone and usually very well behaved. Molly is the hero of my book Puddles and as soon as I can get someone to publish you can all read how clever she is.

Everyone loves Molly


So every morning she goes for a walk and I being a good owner go with her … on my bike. Well she needs more exercise than me. Yesterday as we made our way to the Bridge a Black Labrador showed some interest … in Molly. In fact he was so interested that when Molly went behind me he ran across in front of me I hit him with my bike. He yelped and limped a lot, but still he followed Molly around sniffing her and even trying to mount her.

The lady owner said she was sorry, “ I should have had him on a lead.” She said this a couple of times.

I asked if the dog was OK.

She said, “Yes.

Then she said, “Hold on your dog isn’t on a lead.”

Now this vexed me because this is a dangerous practice, (dog + lead + bicycle = dangerous) if I had had Molly on a lead when the rapist dog went for Molly, she would have ran behind me and between them they would have had me off my bike and I could have been quite seriously injured. Fancy thinking I should have a dog on a lead whilst riding a bicycle, how preposterous!

If you knew Molly the thought of putting her on a lead would be as alien to you as it is to me. And anyway Molly was behaving herself, unlike the rapist dog who had decided it was time for a legover and he didn’t care whose puppy he was going to roger.

I simply said, “She behaves herself,” then left.

Image103aThis incident was all down to bad pet ownership. If your dog is going to go about trying to shag every thing with legs you should have it on a lead or if he is a persistent offender get him fitted with an electric collar. Don't go insinuating it’s my fault! Pah!


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Well said Maffi, oh and Bobby says hi to Molly, and does she fancy a date with a handsome young Scotty, who wouldn't dream of mounting her on the first date!

Molly said...

Dear Bobby,
What kind of a girl do you think I am? I have a very nice relationship with Boots thank you very much. He's my favourite.
Signed Molly

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Awaiting your book with exctiment. I reckon you and Molly have some good tails to spin. Best of luck with publishers.

Anonymous said...

I agree molly is a lovely dog.
I also know Molly has been spayed, but she will still have a false season, This is what the rapist dog can smell, so be aware it will happen again. Both dogs should have been on a lead in public.


Maffi said...

Like I said Dog+lead+Bike=Dangerous. Molly on a lead? Aint gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

Double standards comes to mind.
Leave the bike at home and walk the dog.
dog+lead+walk=safe for both you and Molly.
Molly is a well behaved dog and always was even before you got her in may 2009.
My dog is well trained, but I am responsible for his safety and never walk him on a puplic road or towpath without a lead. In a field is fine off a lead. Also it is illegal to have a dog off a lead in a public place.
I know you would not like to break the law. Would you?


Maffi said...

I fail to see your point. Her dog should have been on a lead because she could not control it. There is no double standard here if I couldnt control Molly she would be on a lead. In a field on a public foot path is in public, so what's ya point? I think you will find the towpath is private property. The whole point about the bicycle is when I have finished work I ride home. If I left it at home I might just as well have not bought it.
Of course I would break the law it's a crap law!

responsible dog owner said...

I'm sorry but you are totally off the mark with this post. A dog off the lead is only "in control" until it sees something more interesting to investigate. If you are riding a bike and your dog is behind you how do you propose to clear up after it if it fouls the towpath ? Like a lot of people you choose which laws to obey but are quick to point out when others break them.

Maffi said...

No sir you are off the mark. Molly always runs in front of me. If she stops I stop. If she falls behind I stop to see what she is doing.

Dont send anonymous comments.

Edward Afloat said...

Anonymous of the otherwise unheard of people's. AOUP's!
If a person thinks theres a possibility they could suffer for there free speach then they are less likely to speak. We arn't all as brave as you on your bike.
It would help though if a person identified there induvidual comment as Anonymous of lead advice ext. Cheers

Edward Afloat said...

I dont want to eat my hat and whats English for Nom du plume?
I guess if I read a bit better I would have saved us both the time Maffi. Do I owe you a pint?

Maffi said...

Do you owe me a pint?

Well thats the best thing you have said yet.