Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I watched with feigned interest as a young man went about his job emptying rubbish bins and picking up litter. He opened the bins to remove what little rubbish was there and put it in a larger bag. He crossed the pavement and picked up a paper cup (litter), that some lazy punter had left there on the wall of the Randolph Hotel, and then he carried on up the road to the next bin. Within seconds of him leaving a girl put a paper cup on the wall. Apart from giving the man employment what else was gained today? We as citizens have a responsibility to look after the city ourselves. It is pointless paying someone to empty the rubbish bins if he has to spend half his time picking up litter that should be in the bins. I would have said thank you had he been close enough. We don’t appreciate those among us who do thankless tasks, but really I should have pointed out to the girl where the rubbish bin was. Rubbish bins are for rubbish. Rubbish becomes litter when we cant be bothered to put it in the bin.
We have come a long way in our civilization but we still can’t get this one thing right. Maybe we need Mayor Koch from NYC who instigated a zero tolerance policy.
And finally will you smokers stop throwing your cigarettes on the pavement there is a £70 fine in Oxford for this.


Anonymous said...

perhaps it is "national paper cup on a wall" appreciation day and the girl, noticing the paper cup had been removed decided to replace it to raise awareness for paper cups?


Allan said...

Nothing like a used to be smoker now a none smoker tell us smokers What to do with our cigg butts double standard, don’t do as I did, do as I say. Shame on you Maffi

Print and be Dammed

Maffi said...

Well I'll be damned!

Maffi said...

No double standard at all like all litter it is a blight on the city. Oh and its DaMNed.