Monday, 4 July 2011

Thieving git.

I have a two wheeled trolley at the bridge that helps me to get canoes to the waterside single handed. Same as this.1303825820-52636200 On Saturday it disappeared. I assumed that some yob with a canoe who came through in the afternoon took it, but I was wrong. I am now certain the tea leaf was a boater. I say this because  Sunday morning I found the frame in a skip at the water point minus its wheels. Had it been a canoeist they would have disappeared with it, not hung around to take the wheels off and dump the rest in the skip. No I am sure it was a boater and if I ever find a boat with those wheels being used as fenders I will seriously damage the thieving bastard.
If you took my wheels please bring them back, they are not yours. This act makes you nothing more than a cheap scumbag criminal. If you are going south I shall be moored in Oxford in the morning just drop them on the roof.

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