Friday, 29 July 2011

Very Bad Man! BE AWARE!

This is nb PERSIA. It belongs to a bully and his insulting wife. When I moored up on Tuesday I did ask if he would mind if I ran my engine. He said he would mind. So I conceded and said I would run it while he was down the pub later. He didn’t go out till nearly 7. He came back to make sure I shut it off at 8. He then said he was going to visit the doctor in the morning at 09.30 so I could run after he had gone. I turned my engine on at 9. Today I ran my engine to charge my batteries and do my washing 09.45-12.30. He took great delight in calling me names telling me I was a F***ING C**T for running my engine in the morning spoiling his stay. He said I was a dosser who should be thrown off the canal. The canal will be a better place without dossers like me. He slagged me off for several minutes. I hadn’t actually done anything wrong other than not kau tau to his bullying.
I said, "The problem here is you. You are just a bully. Well you aint gonna bully me!" I slipped him the bird and turned my back on him.
I am not going to let this man bother me. His boat says penis extension.
This is him with his wife. Don’t they look a nice sweet old couple. She has a nice line in insults too. He walks with a stick and that is the only reason he didn’t end up on his arse. He is more than disabled he is crippled inside.
If you come across this old duffer in his boat don’t appease him, stand up to him. Appeasement is cowardice, he expects you do do that!
I thought I was a grumpy old git, but this old duffer leaves me at the starting gate. I appear to be a bit of a saint by comparison.


Tom and Jan said...

Leave him to his miserable life. I wouldn't waste oxygen on him!

Kevin Ronnie said...

cheers for the chat the other week Maffi. Nice to meet you. I have come across this couple too. My Missus lost it with her rudeness & nearly chucked the miserable old trout in the NTH Oxford. Nice Tug but money does not buy class & they are just about alive & living proof. Karma will ensure their bateries die. You are happy in a miserable sort of way which is very endearing.....just like I am. Go the Maff!

Colin said...

Hi Maffi
Glad you don't have many like that on the cut.
Jesus, with the problem nb waiouru is having with the Harps and people like this to contend with, I'm not sure I want to retire to the water, and they say the young people of today have no respect.
At least you can move - but why should you.
Maybe they won't be there long ;-)

Allan said...

And there was I thinking we on caravan sites only had ass hole now it seems you have them on the canals as well, so sorry for you. at least it is easier for you/them to move on, me it takes a low loader to move my caravan on. As polite and accommodating as one is the BULLY see's that as a weakness, one has to stand up too them, but not lower one's self to their level.

Regards Allan

Nev Wells said...

There was I thinking it was a simple 8pm-8am rule The one absolute on a boat is you have to run the engine to charge the batteries. In most instances you can hardly hear the other boats engine and you know you are going to have to run yours at some time so it is not a problem. He most probably has a bank of a 100 batteries within his penis extension and charges them up on the shore line whilst polishing in the marina??


Jo (Boatwoman) said...

What a nasty person. You are entitled to run your engine from 8am to 8pm and he can do nothing about it apart from actually move to another mooring. Maybe he should have done that if he was so offended. People like that should never come on to the canal.
You a grumpy old git nahhhhhh your not your lovely.

nb Freespirit said...

Does this moron not know the etiquette of the cut????? Engines can be run between 8 am and 8pm and he can do nothing about it!! If that doesnt meet with his approval, he should clear off and moor somewhere else!!!

Kevin said...

You, the Great Maffi, a grumpy old man... never in a million years. :)
A plain speaker of the truth as you see it certainly and many would agree with you 9 times out of 10 good sir (btw I'm including myself in the many too).
Thanks for standing up to this miserable old pair... life is for living and enjoying in harmony, might I suggest the move to an unihabited island far far away?

Paul and Elaine said...

Probably Ben Harps dad

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

Well done for identifying this inconsiderate couple and their boat to the considerate boating community.

I certainly wouldn't class you as grumpy, I've been following your blog for a long time and always enjoy your 'call a spade a shovel' style.

If I'm on your part of the cut I'll seek you out and buy you a beer.

Keep on blogging.



Malcolm said...

I did think of suggesting that if they read this they should look at, but they're probably too inconsiderate to do so!


The Grumpy Porter said...

Looks like the owners of nb Persia have incurred the wroth of us Maffi blog followers and may well find more boats than ever finding the need to run their engines for a charge if they are next to nb Persia even if they have just cruised for the day. It will serve them right.