Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Wart

Everything in life has a purpose, except maybe wasps. Well that was how I used to think until today. Today I saw an elderly woman with two warts on her upper lip. This is odd I thought, what is the purpose of them? I am sure they do have a purpose even if it is only to compound your loathing of the unfair ageing process.

What I don’t understand is the need for a wart to produce hair. I mean its not like it needs to keep warm is it? A wart can appear on your face or your bum and any area in between, but why oh why do they have to grow hair(s). It’s as if the put down of a wart isn’t enough of a put down on its own, it has to become totally unsightly and grow a beard no less. I do find it odd that people allow them to grow without trimming them, or maybe they do and the hair grows really fast.

If God made everything his sense of humour was way off base when this was made, what was he thinking making warts, hairy warts at that!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

I feel the same way about mosquitoes.

Have you read Eric Idle's poem "All Things Dull and Ugly?" As a writer you may appreciate his tongue in cheekiness and it fits well with the theme of your post.

Anonymous said...

I recently acquired a wort on my thumb, as yet it's still bald & hasn't sprouted any hairy stuff. First time I've ever "caught" one in my life. Perhaps we catch worts from wasps? And I wonder if wasps get mini-worts? Fascinating stuff..

TT Heth (Still having to use ANON ON here)

Maffi said...

H Compound 'W' will fix it.