Saturday, 16 July 2011

Who allowed this?

I cannot believe that there is someone in public employment that is stupid enough to allow this to happen. What were they thinking? Why does the council employ Muppets? And at what salary? It just beggars belief!



Brian on Harnser said...

Maybe they will put one on every canal bridge in the contry, then the motorists wouldn't need to blow their horn as they approach the bridge hoping the other car will stop.

Alf said...

Too easy to put the sign on the lampost, not so sensible ! ?

Bruce in Sanity said...

Must be slow this morning, I don't see the prob. What's wrong with indicating who has right of way in a narrow street?

All the best


Jill and Graham said...

They'll soon change it when a mother with a pushchair gets mown down, but not until!

Edward Afloat said...

Hi Maffi,
The Oxford City Council resently had a campaign on pathway access with particular idea's re wheelchairs. Have you tried reporting via their streetscene dept online? Think you could catch canal speeders on phonecam with the boatlength to seconds till past equation?

Maffi said...

Bruce, it the position of the sign that is the problem, right in the middle of the FOOTPATH forcing mothers with pushchairs and wheelchair users onto the road. It is absolutely unacceptable. Whoever agreed that this was the right thing to do should be fired. This is not the only instance of this stupidity.