Friday, 26 August 2011

All aboard the Skylark!

I can’t help but laugh when reading this story about a man who has a narrowboat that looks a bit like a submarine, only a bit mind you.

Read the story its fun. It is very tongue in cheek, well thats how it appeared to me because if this a a serious piece of journalism I will eat my boat! It is a story full of absolute nonsense and bollix. The writer might consider a career in comedy writing. I fail to see why the writer thought it necessary to say (erroneously) that a narrowboat cannot be more than 70 foot long when he had already mentioned it was 70 foot long

A feared German submarine has surfaced’ on a sleepy stretch of Lancashire canal.

Traditional narrow boat users were yesterday left stunned by the overnight arrival of the 70 foot long “killer of the seas”.

But the man who owns the sub – nicknamed Admiral Cyril – now faces an investigation from waterways bosses.

His craft on the Leeds -Liverpool canal at Botany Bay near Chorley is virtually identical to the underwater craft which sank 3,000 Allied ships during World War Two.

The work of the Nazi submarine fleet was featured in classic war film Das Boot.

And it was that film which sparked old sea dog Cyril Howarth into building a submarine of his own...without the risk of ever having to utter the order Dive, Dive,Dive.

For the placid water of the canal is a mere six feet deep and his craft U-8047-cuts through the water at a modest three miles an hour.

Cyril spent £25,000 on the shell of a traditional narrow boat and engine.

He shelled out another £25,000 instructing a Liverpool-based yard to build him an identical U-boat super structure.

Retired trawlerman Cyril ,from Thornton Cleveleys, said: “You should have seen the faces of the locals when they woke up and found a battleship grey German navy U-boat in their midst.

“It is the culmination of a 12 month dream. I have always studied naval history and the role of the submarine.”

Mr Howarth will have to up-periscope in the future as British Waterways inspect his dream boat.

A spokesman said:”A narrow boat cannot be more than seven feet wide and 70 feet long.

“We cannot run the risk of a collision and having someone sunk by a submarine.”

David Wilson, 61, has been angling on the stretch of canal for 20 years. He said: “I found myself looking at a steel grey sub. I thought some film was being shot in the area. What next... the battleship Bismarck and Admiral Doenitz.”

Source Lancashire Evening Post


NeilR said...

I've seen this boat in the flesh and its crap. It looks ludicrous, nothing like a submarine. Hilarious waste of money. Crazy Cyril should've given the £50k to charity.

Maffi said...

NO I think Cyril was right to do what he wanted. The canal needs characters.

NeilR said...

We have you Maffi, who needs Cyril? 8-)

Maffi said...

I might be odd but Don't think I am a 'character'

Anonymous said...

Not so sure his kind of character belongs on the canals, my mum & dad went for a walk last week, spotted the "submarine" & went over for a chat with the guy.
They said he was wearing a Nazi uniform & speaking with a German accent, in my dads words "he seemed like a really odd kinda fella & the uniform could easily be offensive to someone."
BTW My dad isn't one to judge & where he mentioned the word "odd" he would usually give the benefit of the doubt & use the word "Character" somewhere in that sentence, but he didn't..

Heth PS: I'm still anon on here...

Maffi said...

To some the British Army Uniform is offencive. I find the Saudi Royal Family particularly offencive in or out of uniform.

He may have mental issues or your dad may have mental issues. Do we know his story? No! so really we cannot judge. Yes he may be weired but then, to me, you are weired.

PS It's Blogspot's problem, but at least you put your name.

NeilR said...


Anonymous said...

Oh that's good I thought you meant I was weird for a moment there. Or my dad was weird. Or the nazi guy was weird. Or Maffi was "weired". Thanks anyway, I'll take it as a compliment.
BTW I googled "weired" - no such thing. So I'm disappointed that as you've been my own personal spell checker several times, roles are reversed on this occasion, tut tut...


Maffi said...

You are of course quite right (and that doesnt happen often) I can't think what I was thinking of.

Corrected comment:-

To some the British Army Uniform is offensive. I find the Saudi Royal Family particularly offensive in or out of uniform.

He may have mental issues or your dad may have mental issues. Do we know his story? No! So really we cannot judge. Yes he may be weird but then, to me, you are weird.

But this is blogosphere so does spelling really matter? Yes of course it does, but do I care, no of course I don't.

PS Yes I think you are weird and please, don't take it as a complimnet.

Anonymous said...

I didn't take it as a complimnet, I took it as a compliment.. However, my lips are sealed concerning sarcasm there.

BTW, I think you're weird too, in a quirky sorta way. So in what genre am I weird? (She says with curiosity)


Anonymous said...

A post script to my previous comment:

I was sat on the toilet earlier & in a flush of inspiration realised your typo's earlier were debilarate init? I was supposed to relise that about 2 days ago. How embrasing - not the toilet bit.

In answer to the question "But this is the blogosphere so does spelling really matter?" Well it must do cos you've pointed out my typo's in the blogosphere on several occasions