Sunday, 28 August 2011

Barge Bookshop banned from trading in Bristol

This headline from the BBC is incorrect. I am really getting pissed off with all the complaints about this Book Barge not being allowed to trade at the floating harbour in Bristol. Not being allowed is not the same as ‘banned’. The BB sells to the public. The floating harbour is not a public space. Why should the Local authority grant her a licence to trade with the public where the public is not allowed to go.

The fact that she has a visitors licence and a BW trading licence is totally irrelevant, she does not have a licence to trade in Bristol. Bristol is not a part of BW.

Ms Henshaw says, “. . . with the amazing maritime history in Bristol I do feel that the city does have something to gain from the floating bookshop."

Like what! What has a canal boat got to offer an ocean harbour that it doesn’t have already? Ah a whining girl that cant get her own way, but they probably have a good supply of those already.

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