Friday, 19 August 2011

Boats facing long delays on canals in Northamptonshire

Boat users on canals in Northamptonshire are facing long delays in getting through locks. Low levels of water are affecting the movement of vessels on the waterways. A dry spring and summer has been blamed for the situation. Some locks are only open for four hours a day, restricting boats' movement.

Tim Coghlan from Braunston Marina said: "Around 20 boats a day get through the locks and these delays will affect harbour companies." He added: "The extent of the dryness has been quite dramatic this year. "We have been through cycles of it before, but this year we are suffering."

Jeff Whyatt, who runs the county's canals with British Waterways, said: "We are hoping to get to the end of the season and then hopefully the winter will be another replenishment period."

Source BBC

I wonder if Jeff Whyatt got a share of the bonus pay out?  Because what’s getting me at the moment is this: as you know I have been on a writing course for the last year. I have been taught to pick out groups of things in written passages. Related things like colours or sounds or similar words etc etc. What I have noticed here is related words. Jeff says, “Season. . . winter. . .  period.” These are all short term not looking past the transition to charitable status. He also says “Hoping and hopefully”

So remembering an earlier post ‘we pay top dollar for the best’. WE pay top dollar for people to HOPE it all turns out OK. Well excuse me, but, I can ‘hope’ for FREE and in doing so save BW a fortune.

I ask; when we get to the end of the season then the winter, our replenishment period, passes and there is still no water what then? What will the powers that be at BW be ‘hoping’ for next. A treacle filled canal, gingerbread boats, marmalade skies, chocolate willow trees because its all from the same book of fairy stories.


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The Grumpy Porter said...

Link takes you to an article in narrowboat world about what BW were saying only two months ago. As you will see they had more certainty then maybe we will be better off with overpaid hope!