Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BW Management Bonus Payments

British Waterways workers have this year been given a pay award of between £100 & £200 instead of a proper pay rise even though inflation is running at 5%. Whilst I don’t think this is right, we live in troubled times and everybody is required to accept less in order to speed the financial recovery of the country. Everybody that is except British Waterways Management.

Robin Evans the current CEO of BW is to receive a £15,000 bonus on top of his annual salary of £222,000 all the other directors will receive a paltry £12,500 there are many people working for BW who’s salary is not that big and yet these leeches somehow seem to get a bigger slice of the cake.

What I want to know is what have they done to deserve this bonus? Isn’t £222,000 reward enough for what Robin does. What does he do? Last year his salary bonuses and pension benefits were reputed to be in excess of half a million pounds.

Just so you understand the severity of this Robin Hood Evans receives £4269.23 per week that’s £609.89 per day, assuming he works 7 days a week which I very much doubt, so that’s £853.84 a day for a five day week, (I live on a little over half that a month) and yet more and more jobs are being turned in to volunteer posts that get people working for free.

Hey Robin, how about you work for free?

Julia Long, Unite national officer, said: “The announcement that British Waterways is to award directors bonuses worth more than the annual salary of some of our members shows nothing but contempt for the workforce. . . . . . . The government has reduced the amount of money provided to British Waterways over the next five years, which we believe is not enough to sustain any growth. To use this money to award massive bonus payments to management simply beggars belief.”

I only have one thing to say to Julia Long: Are you really surprised?

Main Source: Waterways Wartch

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