Thursday, 18 August 2011

BW press release

Statement concerning performance related payments

18 August 2011

Last year, against exceptionally challenging circumstances, British Waterways achieved a £9.6m better financial outcome than planned. This was mainly due to better commercial performance and significant savings in cost.

As a result, British Waterways was able to maintain expenditure on maintenance and repair of the historic waterways at similar levels to previous years despite a reduction in grant funding. The structural condition of the network improved again in 2010/11 for the fifth year in succession (measured as the proportion of structures in the worst condition).

The Board of British Waterways, which is appointed by Government, wishes to recognise the exceptional contribution made by certain staff, including executive directors. Accordingly, and in strict adherence to government guidelines, they decided that capped Performance Related Payments should be made.

In total some 215 people (12% of the workforce) will receive a Performance Related Payment.

Now I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of being told that to get the best you have to pay top dollar. Its very irksome. If these people are the best, then we are paying them top dollar to do their job, which I assume includes the ‘proper management’ of the funding they are given in the job spec, so why when they do that job do we not just give them a pat on the back instead of a pornographic bonus. Why are we paying them a bonus for doing their job when they have already been paid VERY handsomely because they are, supposedly, the ‘best’. Is it that they are not expected to do what they are paid for and in a moment of surprise when they actually perform as per contract the powers that be cant help throwing money at them. It defies logic.
What makes them the best? What qualifications do they have that others don’t? It certainly can’t be boating because recently the chief engineer said to a working boater in this area “Tell me exactly what you are doing, I’ve not been on a boat before.”

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