Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Enough is enough.

We are a small island. There is limited space. To allow the continued influx of immigrants into this country is no longer feasible, it hasn’t been for some time. To have a quota is nonsense. We need a halt and we need it now. Anyone who is too stupid to understand this, is too stupid to be in government.



Anonymous said...

We are a small planet. There is limited resources. To allow the continued influence of bigots in this country is no longer feasible, it hasn’t been for some time. To have a quota is nonsense. We need a halt and we need it now. Anyone who is too stupid to understand this, is too stupid to be have a blog.

Maffi said...

The trouble with anonymous commenters is they are more bigoted than those that they call bigots. They are cowards hiding in their anonymity. And fascists who deny me a right to my opinion. Not to mention their grammar is crap. Plagarism is an offence common decency.

I have given my opinion, I have allowed you to have an opinion here in my space now be a good little boy and Fuq off!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the above poster did not do the same writing course you took Maffi! I've lots more to say, but will save it till pears head your way! Sue

Maffi said...

Ah I wonder which Sue?

Kevin Ronnie said...

Completely agree Maffi. It is not the view of a Bigot, just common sense. Don't you just love the head in the sky lefty, mamby pamby, hoity toity, brown cord wearing, lets own a little star & sponsor a whale brigade. No ! Get real & understand what over capacity vs capabilities will cause if the current climate is allowed to continue. I am also not a racist. Anonymous, if you want to help provide a solution, sell up, & move away & invest your time in educating those in their own Country, which I have done previously. That is the only viable solution. The world has never & never will be utopia due to the fact that us flawed humans populate it.

Kevin Ronnie

Maffi said...

It really has nothing to do with bigotry. Common sense must prevail. We are the two up two down of Europe. These is no more room! We cannot generate enough jobs for those already here. There is a finite population beyond which this country will enter into meltdown and all the sacrfices made by soldiers and union activists over the last hundred years will be totally lost.

John said...

Maffi you may or may not be a bigot or a racist, but your uninformed comments just provide ammunition for those whose agenda is more sinister than yours.

I say uninform because where I'm sat at the moment the number of people per hectare is 2. The nearest city has a population of 22.5 people per hectare.

The average for England is 3.77 and for the South-East (where you are based) it is 4.2 per hectare(Census figures). Hardly overcrowding. Last year migration to this country was 0.3% of the population, again hardly overwhelming.

You are entitled to your views, but to abuse the first poster who was humorously trying to show how petty minded your comments are is the real measure of their worth.

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

You're right, if you provide a space for others to express their opinion, even though it's the opposite to yours, they should have the courage to own up to it.

It's typical of the 'sponsor a whale brigade' referred to by Kevin Ronnie. They bang on about equal rights, racism and free speech, but as soon as someone exercises their right to free speech and expresses an opinion they don't agree with, they accuse them of bigotry. Anonymously of course.

I think one of the problems we have, is that there are many more people that think the same way as us, but they don't feel that they can express their opinions, as they will face the same accusations.

So much for political correctness!



Allan said...

We can’t employ all the people we have here , well those that want to work. We can’t house all the people we have here , well those that want housing ,and BW can’t run a waterway let alone a bath tub but that’s another issue and no I don’t have the answer, but we elect people who we think know better than the average Joe on the street to run our country for the benefit of us all. Well I’m average Joe and I think that running a country is like running a business and if I ran my business like the elected run our country then we would not have a business , like we no longer have the right to fly our Great Flag in case we offend the people that come here for a better life, than they had in their own country we offer so much to so many, and get nor want any think in return . But what I would ask for is some respect for what our armed force’s give up their life’s for, so we have the right to the freedoms that they have given us and those who come here and benefit from.
And to Anonymous I say this, if this blog is so stupid, then why do you not only read it but then go on to make a comment on it. Who’s the DUMMY get a life stop piggy backing on someone else's

Anonymous said...

We have an ageing population and an indiginous birthrate too low to produce enough young people to work and pay taxes to keep us in our old age. We need an additional supply of young folk to keep us in the manner to which we have become acustomed. Oh, and looked at from the perspective of anyone outside of London and the south-east of England the UK is far from "full".

Maffi said...

John the first poster was using my writing to slap me it wasn't amusing AT ALL!

Jim I dont live in the South east. When you dont have enough homes for the people that live here now what is the point of letting more in? The more home built means the less of England left to see.

Allan said...

We are a Nation of givers we give to this charity and that charity, we help those that need help, we turn no one away, and then they turn a round and bite the hand that feeds them, including those of us born and bred here black or white well I say fxxk um withdraw all the aid we send abroad stop all the donations to these so called charities , and use that money to sort out our own country, blow up the tunnel pull up the drawbridge and stop bending over to be fxxked up the ass and told what to do in our own country If that makes me a bigoted ,racist so be it I’m sick and tired of people putting nothing in the pot but wanting to take something out of the pot . They want the freedoms we offer, Housing, Heath Care, Social Security and to live with out persecution , don’t we all, our Armed Forces fought for this and what respect do we as a nation get for this caring giving and helping , knout no respect at all. After all these years of trying to help country’s around the world feed them selves bring them fresh water , they still can’t, so where has all the tax payers money and charity money give by we the British public gone. Billons and Billons and Billons have gone out over many many years by many many country’s to help, yet still people are dieing for the want of basic needs when do you say enough is enough , NEVER all the time people need help we will do what ever we can to help so please just show a little respect . And that is my bitching done for today lol

Jayne Toyne said...

I think you should do some more research before posting inflamatory, ill-informed, sun reader type posts on your blog. It makes you out to be someone I'd rather hope you aren't.

the world is for everyone.

Maffi said...

Jayne the world is for everyone so why do they all want our bit instead of making their own bit better.