Monday, 29 August 2011


I am having trouble getting my head round this. The government are casting BW into the ‘third sector’ so it can stand on its own two feet. Yet seven months before the Charity officially becomes a gigantic white elephant, the housing minister says hey I’ve got a great idea We (the government) have been so crap at sorting the housing problem why not make councils accept boats as affordable housing and compel them to make more moorings residential.

“Whilst they will never overtake bricks and mortar in putting a roof over the heads of families, innovative new ways of housing families – such as residential moorings – play an important role in allowing people to live near to their place of work, children’s school, or family, and where perhaps they would not be able to afford to otherwise,” said Mr Shapps. People have been living on the water for years there is nothing innovative about it.

This is simply a continuous moorers charter.

When I couldn’t afford to live in the area I wanted to or the house I wanted to I set my sights lower I moved to an area where I could afford a house I could live in. It is simple economics I cant afford to live in Mayfair so I don’t. In this day and age people do not work near to where they live and the children go to school.

What I want to know is why, now they are dumping BW, have they chosen to make this decision? If BW is to be a charity then it is up to BW if they want to also become a housing agency. And that is another problem BW see this as a cash  cow and have leapt onto the band wagon. Residential moorings generate a higher mooring fee than your straight forward ‘parking’ mooring.

For many years now the canal system has worked as a leisure facility, you cannot simply say it is now a housing estate and think nothing will change.

The plan is seriously flawed. Living on the water is not easy. It is something you have to want to do. Not every one who comes to the water is suitable. I see every week people who simply will not let go of their life on the land, who don’t know how to slow down and enjoy the water, have no consideration for the wildlife or the canal banks or other people on the water. Offer every one who says they want to live on the water a council house and I bet you they will all take the house.

Come and sit at Thrupp for a day and watch the fiasco that is boating. It is a farce from sunrise to sunset. Almost every boater is going to do what they want to do irrespective of it being right or wrong, irrespective of the damage caused, irrespective of the inconvenience caused to others. A lady tonight just stopped right in the middle of the navigation waiting for her husband to find a mooring. I was wanting to move a day boat across the other side and she was in the way. Why the hell couldn’t she just moor up and wait for her ol’ man to sort it. No just plain f***ing ignorant just sat there in the middle of the wide blocking traffic.

No Shapps’ plan to turn the canal into a housing estate will be an unmitigated disaster. I suspect the canal system will resemble Kowloon Harbour in a few years.

 I notice Shapps has no plans to let people into empty  national trust properties!


Anonymous said...

Permanent moorers are my least favourite on the cut. I feel that they think a canal is another place to live cheaply.So long as they"re near a pub, water point and sanitary station.The rest of the system can go to hell.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Well said that man. Have you seen the latest BW press release about the Lee and Stort? Basically, they are going to roll over and legitimise the lurkers. It'll be Agenda 21 all over again, I reckon.



Nev Wells said...

I wonder if the same applies to caravans? There are plenty of parks and open grass land that could be used for caravan parks near to schools and places of work....somehow I doubt it will be allowed


Maffi said...

Might as well let people set up home in car parks.

The Lee and Stort doesn't surprise me. Execs and managers in BW are lacking in one basic area the ability to manage.