Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Fresh  from her debut in Tooley’s boat yard that famous actress diva and all round good gal was devastated last night when at around 10.30 her beloved motorcycle caught fire whilst parked next to a blazing car in the car park at Thrupp.

DSCF0309There is little left of her pride and joy, the kickstand did however  survive.

DSCF0315The intrepid firemen.


Neighbours came to give their condolences (note Gilly colour co-ordinated. The red slippers were her second choice. “Blue didn’t match her silk dressing gown,” she said.)

DSCF0304L to R Lillian, Gilly, Ian, Bones, and Dave

The new mooring wardens thought the explosions were the farmer shooting rabbits so didn’t attend. This is, of course, an easy mistake for townies to make (it’s a learning process).


Allan said...

My sincere condolences, may it R.I.P gone but not forgotten


The Grumpy Porter said...

Blimey with the noise a three vehicle fire would make the new wardens must have thought there were some bloody big rabbits at Thrupp