Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Bad

Today I sent out a day boat which got as far as the river then conked out. Whilst on my way to the stricken boat several testosterone units boarded the boat to help (the day boat crew were all girls). The TUs all declared the battery was flat. Well both you and I know this is preposterous, boat batteries are never flat, a bit cuboid maybe but never flat.

Why is it that with the engine turning over nicely and not starting that people assume the battery is flat? No one thought to see if there was fuel in the tanks except me. Fortunately as I was phoning for reinforcements a boater who heard my call said, “I have a jerry can full of fuel.” For this I was very grateful. I arranged to use his fuel and replenish his jerry can back at Thrupp.

With the day boat filled with enough fuel for the rest of their trip I gave the girls a bottle of wine from my own stock by way of an apology and sent them on their way. I set off back to base to arrange for fuel. The Thrupp Canal Cruising Club, despite my occasional diatribes about them, were very helpful. The new mooring wardens, Flick and Adam, conversed with Mark to work out how. Thank you very much guys!

On the down side I loaned my bicycle to the Samaritan so he could collect his car from Enslow and he unfortunately picked up a thorn on the tow path near his car. I am beginning to think that I would be better off filling the tubes with bathroom sealant.

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Derek Bird said...

You should try Slime works a treat on the towpath, never had a flat since