Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I’m sorry but I just don’t get it! President is not an old boat its a copy of an old boat with old boat bits in it.  Yes its pretty but I can’t understand all the dick jerking that goes on over it. I don’t go out of my way to see it, but if it is passing I will step off my boat to watch.

One has to wonder why if it was so great did FMC fit a 15 horse power Bolinder in 1925. Yes it is an interesting piece of history (of sorts) but I refuse to have an orgasm over it.

It is currently a leisure boat like almost every other boat boat on the system.


Ray said...

And it Costs a fortune to run.

Maffi said...

As a boat on its own it would have been a commercial faiure, having an eight ton deficit in thcargo hold. Its benefit was that it could tow a string of butties.

David Powell said...

Well I am sorry for you, if you don't like President so be it. But your comments are a bit over the top. Restoration may involve replacing worn out iron panels just as in a wooden boat you replace planks, nothing in our heritage is as it was when built Catheredrals are constantly having stone replaced and with boats even Nelsons Victory has very lttle of its original timber. I am not going into the histoery of FMC steamers here as it available in many places. For the record President is now a museum exhibit and we at Freinds of President maintain and opperate the boat for the Black Country Living Museum. I know that most people who see it get great pleasure from it but the main reason we do what we do is to keep some history alive. Lighten up a bit and enjoy whats around you.

Maffi said...

David dont come here and lecture me, and dont dare feel sorry for me. Here I am entitled to my opinion, you are not.

Its a leisure craft, an expensive one at that! Apparently I am not on my own in my thinking.