Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots? What riots?

Every once in a while I find that those who are paid to ensure that we have a quality of life, that is commensurate with being a modern society that is taxed to the hilt, have taken a handful of stupid pills and have lost all sense of reason.

Theresa May is the face on the spot now that the country has erupted into near anarchy. Reading her speech, reported here in the Guardian, to the assembly at the Police Superintendents Conference I am GOBSMACKED that one of our leaders could be so absolutely out of touch with reality. The Home Secretary’s response to rising costs has always been ‘cuts & savings’, robbing ‘Peter to pay Paul’.

Theresa May: We can cut police budget without risking violent unrest! Oh you are so wrong lady. In times of difficulty the police budget is the one that has to be protected.

The Home secretary calls for rational debate over spending cuts and rejects police prediction of a ‘Christmas for criminals’. What does she know about policing? What I think she is saying is, you will do it my way. This is not rational debate it is mindless ignorance of a very serious situation. What is it with women in power that they all think they have to be as bloody minded as Maggie T, that doyen of British politics that did nothing for women except set them back 100 years in the ‘struggle’.

I wonder at what point she will apologise for her ‘Michael Fish’ moment and stand down from office. Will she just blame everyone else or do the honourable thing. Well she is a politician with slopey shoulders and is, as politicians always are, adept at dodging the responsibility that would fall on a square pair of shoulders. Home secretary if you aint up to the job resign. I’ll have that in writing on my desk first thing in the morning, Thank you. 

 Telegraph: London's rioters are the products of a crumbling nation, and an indifferent political class that has turned its back on them.


Tom and Jan said...

I assume the cuts would have been a collective cabinet decision but she is certainly the lead responsible person for policing
I agree with you - when times get economically difficult crime increases so it's a stupid decision to cut police budgets.
The government took a risk..... and failed the test!
Now we will all pay more; either directly in increased insurance premiums; or indirectly as these avoidable costs get passed on to the general population as cost of living increases.

Wiggins said...

What is it with men that they always have to mention that a politican is female rather than a politician?

Maffi said...

I dont do PC on this blog. Unless MAY is a very funny looking bloke, then I will talk of her as a woman. It is relevant that she is a woman who wants to be the next Maggie T. We have no room for another clusterfuck like Maggie.

Having a political job doesnt make her a politician. With her current performance it makes her a failure.

Wiggins said...

It's not being PC, it is just that you wouldnt comment on a male politician being male, you'd just say he was useless -

& when there are as many crap female politicans as crap male ones, then we have proper equality, so it's a good thing - right?