Thursday, 18 August 2011

Robert John Phillips of Mold

Robert John Phillips is a talented man, if you ever speak to him he will tell you so. He will also tell you, after a few beers, that he still carries a lifetime ‘licence to kill’ issued while he was serving in the military (this of course is bollox). The one talent he will not tell you about is his ability to fool the police. During the last thirty years he has convinced the police that at least four separate complaints (there maybe six) made against him were unfounded, complaints of sexual impropriety with minors. In short Robert John Phillips has been ‘accused’ of rape and inappropriate sexual behaviour with four minors. He has never been convicted.  He has yet to be bought to justice.

It is nearly thirty years since my oldest daughter made a formal complaint to the police, I was present. Though he was taken in custody he was released without charge.  He then went on to ‘allegedly’ assault my second daughter, he thought it was OK to walk unannounced, naked into their room, with an erection, ‘for a chat’, while his wife was asleep. More recently he has ‘allegedly’ sexually abused at least two of my granddaughters. Yet even with this body of evidence the police say that is not enough. His wife, my ex-wife, stands by him and in my opinion probably lies for him. She knows the truth yet she will not put the safety of her children and grandchildren first.

He is also a bully. He ‘allegedly’ makes my grandson (5) feel small and inadequate simply because he is a gentle child. He was recently arrested on charges of domestic violence against his wife a wheelchair bound 61 year old polio victim. She dropped the charges, when he said he was sorry, on condition he went to anger management classes. He hurt her quite badly and still the police do nothing.

If he was ever convicted this man would be in jail for the rest of his life, but the police refuse to take the necessary steps to make this happen.

What really hurts is that I used to deliver my children to his house, for the legal visits with their mother, before I knew of any of this.

Robert John Phillips, now about 63, lived  in Whittlesey nr Peterbourgh in the 80s then moved to Corwyn in North Wales in the 90s and has for the last couple of years has lived in MOLD. If you know him and if your children may have ever been alone with him please ask them pertinent questions. If they should corroborate this story please go to the police.

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