Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sign wot Sign?

Yet another waste of BW money.

It doesn’t matter whose boat it is but this happens every week. Clearly marked with a NO MOORING sign and clearly marked with a board saying

British Waterways

And yet still boaters ignore the signs. Is it an education thing or are people just plain stupid? Its not like he moored between the post then he could claim he didn’t see it, but right by his tiller? If his eyesight is this bad then he shouldn’t be driving a boat in the first place. It’s just plain ignorant disregard of the rules and people such as this (me included) are no different to the hoards that swept through our cities breaking the rules, this month.


No one likes the rules, but without them the fabric of our society falls away and declines into lawlessness where no one is safe.


Allan said...

Excuse me bro just a small point but does the Drive a boat or pilot a boat

Allan said...

Rules are made so Inconsiderate ass holes can break them. Rules are not for them they are for other people.

Maffi said...

Drive, pilot, steer. sail it's all pears and plums!