Monday, 8 August 2011


Thoroughfare is a common word, but as Andrew Denny says it is an odd word. It is made up from Old English and Middle English

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A thoroughfare is a place of transportation intended to connect one location to another. Highways, roads, and trails are examples of thoroughfares used by a variety of general traffic. On land a thoroughfare may refer to anything from a rough trail to multi-lane highway with grade separated junctions; on water a thoroughfare may refer to a strait, channel or waterway. The term may also refer to the legal right to use a particular way as distinct from the way itself.


1. A main road or public highway.

2. a. A place of passage from one location to another.

    b. Right to such passage.

3. A heavily travelled passage, such as a waterway, strait, or channel.

Middle English thurghfare : thurgh, thorow, through; see thorough + fare, road (from Old English faru, fær, from faran, to go; see fare).]


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