Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bloody fascists!

I got a PDF today from my bank saying that they were going to make some changes to their terms and conditions. They did say if I didn’t agree I could tell them.

If you are happy with with these changes you don’t need to do anything, so unless we hear from you we will assume that you accept them

If you decide not to accept any of the changes, please inform us . . . . before 1 December 2011. However if you do so, Unfortunately this will mean closing your account(s). Of course there will be no charge for this, or for closing your account(s) for any other reason before this date.


Captain Ahab said...

But are the changes material?

Maffi said...

Its not the point. Contracts are supposed to be two way. This is a case of take it or leave it. It stinks!