Thursday, 8 September 2011


Just the other day I need to open a PDF file from my bank and was told I needed Adobe Reader. I was surprised because I thought I already had that installed. However I clicked on the button and the process started. I missed the tick box that said MacAfee would be installed. It was half way through downloading both programs, in about 10 seconds, when I realised so I pressed the cancel button.

No problem went back and started again. Unticked the box and selected download. Well, now it only had one program to download, it shouldn’t take long at all. WRONG! Five minutes later and I was still waiting. Why should it take longer to download one program that it does to download two?

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Skippy said...

I really hate Adobe Reader; its 100+ meg for reading files that could be much smaller.

There are a number of applications that are smaller PDF readers (including foxit reader

Oh and don't start me on my hatred of slipstreaming crapware/toolbars in with installers