Monday, 26 September 2011


Those people in BW that are better placed to spend our money than anyone else, have decided to install safety rails at this sluice and others on the Oxford canal. This might be a good thing, however, This structure has been here 80 years in this format. One would have to wonder why a safety rail was necessary its not like you would be standing on the edge whilst operating the sluice. I would very much doubt if there are many that could remember this being used.

04092011661More importantly I can’t help but wonder, if this safety improvement was so important, why did BW not insist on the removal of the flower pot, which restricts access to the sluice before you even get to need the safety rails.04092011659

I like the flower tubs I think they are great and wouldn’t have them moved but I have to wonder about the logic of BW H&S policy which at best is myopic at worst laughable.

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