Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I just love the way organisations assume you’re a total idiot when responding to post. I wrote to such an organisation today informing them that… well that’s not important, but their reply I find offensive.

We will do our best to reply general enquiries within five working days. If your enquiry is of a technical nature it could take up to 10 working days. Please note that bank holidays and weekends are not classed as working days.

Its that last sentence (my underline). I know what a working day is. I don't need to be told. I am offended that they felt I or indeed anyone else needs to be told what a working day is.

PS It wasn’t me who left out ‘to’ after ‘reply’ in their first line. Or the mix of words and figures for numbers, bad form.

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Anonymous said...

Yep - my experiences also!
Thank goodness we'll be dead when this intelligentsia rules the world!! The end is prob nigher than we could think!
Did you know that an inanimate cleanser 'knows' how your house likes to be clean etc? I do despair.