Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The kipper people







This is STILL WATERS and the owner. This man, not the best boater in the world, was upset with my day boat which was moored in the corner where all TCCC boats moor to pick up crew and of course I do on the odd occasion. Mr SW was very rude to my ‘paying customers’. Very rude indeed! Even when they told him that I had told them to moor there, he was still rude.

When my people departed the boat at the end of their very pleasant day, I moved the boat across to the water point I had expected the grumpy Mr SW to have a pop at me, but no all he said was where can I find a mooring for the night. I was very tempted to suggest that the Thames might be a place where he could vent his anger and moor at the same time. But that’s not me. Surprised?

If you look at his boat you will see the sign of the Christian Kipper. That’s a big advertisement saying '”Look ay me I am a good Christian guy” In fact it is bigger than most of the kippers you see on boats. I know some very nice ‘Kipper’ people, but I am sorry to say I know more not nice 'Kipper’ people.

I say he is not a very good boater simply because his tirade against my customers was due to his need to turn his 65 foot boat. From the bridge to where my day boat was moored is about 120 feet I have seen 70 foot boats come through the bridge execute a sharp left and virtually plonk onto the water point. Yesterday I took 74 foot of boats breasted 14 feet wide and turned them in the wide easily. That’s two 36 foot day boats, plus fenders end to end breasted up to a 69 foot cruiser stern. Driving the 69 footer and rotating the ensemble 180o, avoiding an oncoming boat straightening up then reversing back to the mooring I had left. And said boater couldn’t simply turn a a 65 foot boat. Now I am not saying I am a great boatman, I just simply refuse to believe that I cannot do it. I suppose he is the sort of man whose practical skills begin and end with a retractable ball point pen.


gbl said...

could you have executed your manoeuvre with a pole from the bows???????

Gill (Petroc)

bwp said...


I am glad to read someone is sticking up for the occasional and day boat hires, the more blogs I read seem to highlight any petty infringement of the boating protocols by hire crews. As a boat owner I have suffered and witnessed selfish and arrogant behaviour by these private boat owners almost on a daily basis, I thought when we made the choice to partake in a life afloat it was so we could enjoy the tranquillity this way of life had to offer yet people still bring aggression and and arrogance into it


Maffi said...

Well to be fair it was my day boat.

No Gill the wide is too deep for poling such a heavy load but I might have tried if I thought my pole was long enough.

MortimerBones said...

I have poled Bones around when the wind became too much - you can pole if you need to - but then my pole is insufferably long.... and I probably had it in the right place....

Brighton Rock said...

I agree about the kipper being VERY BIG,
you know what they say.... big kipper
small .......

all the best Maffi, keep on blogging