Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lady something or other.

A lovely couple arrived yesterday on their way to Oxford all the way from Nantwich. They asked about moorings. It really is so sad they just didn’t understand, there are no ******* moorings. She thought she could just flash her eyelashes and moorings would fall at her feet. Lady you are cute but not that cute.

The only mooring available is at the marina in Yarnton and they haven’t built that yet, probably never will. But they didn’t want to live in a marina anyway. There are fifty or more down here looking for moorings that don’t exist. The more that arrive the harder it is for genuine CCers to find somewhere to moor. We have floating student accommodation with no mooring. The only mooring that was available (mine) was taken months ago and given the opportunity I could have sold it twenty times with ease.

He does have a job she doesn't so at least they are not completely without finance. However they are going to have to be continuous moorers.

British Waterways need to get a grip of this place or it will end up like the Lee & Stort, OUT OF CONTROL!


Anonymous said...

Hi - is your signal low? Have sent email n phone msge re a msge from last Sat but no reply yet?
Sue L

BigJohn said...

The Lee & Stort is NOT out of Control - it's certainly no worse than the S end of the South Oxford Canal.

Kath said...

I so agree with you! BW must stop people overstaying, it is so unfair to the real continuous cruisers who stick to the rules!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Anonymous said...

Stop talking about thing"s you know nothing about. We all know that the limit to milly m is banbury

The Maffster said...

Aa usual ANONYMOUS you talk out of your best feature. On the contrary you are not as knowledgable as you think you are. My average boating, during the last five years, has been in excess of 400 miles pa. FYI I have given up my mooring to go touring again full time. I shall be setting off on the 3rd October if you would like to come and wave me goodbye.

The Maffster said...

PS if you dont put a recognisable name to your comment it wont get posted.

Carol said...

Hi Maffi, which way are you heading? We're leaving the K&A in the next week or so and heading north either up the Thames or the Oxford canal and were hoping to 'bump' into you somewhere along the way.

Maffi said...

Hello Carol
I am still in the Thrupp area moored near Shipton. Still working until the 2nd October I will be on my way on the Monday. There will be a get together in the Jolly Boatman on Thursday 29 September you are welcome to come along if you are here. It will be nice to see you. I think we met before when you were on your way down.

If you do long days you can get from Reading to Thrupp in two days.

Jess and Toby said...

Hey Maffi,
As Big Jon says the Lee and Stort isn't out of control - it's very quiet - those who say it is (Tom of nb World, I'm talking to you), have never been there.
It's Central London that is packed.
You should come and see for yourself as part of your tour!