Friday, 9 September 2011


According to NBW the new fund raiser at BW, Ruth Ruderham, is paid £70,000 p.a. I am at a loss to know why she is in post when the decision to  turn BW into a charity is still to be made. The New Waterways Charity which doesn’t exist employs a fund raiser who shouldn’t exist paid for by a quango who wont exist to prise money out of peoples hands which for the most part doesn’t exist.

A DEFRA consultation is intimating that with the best will in the world the giving of money by the public will be less than £1m a year for the first five years (2012/13 to 2016/17). However much the figure, out of that will have to come Ruth’s wages and the cost of a professional fund raising company which she says will be employed. A BW manager could have made that decision and saved £70,000. A pilot scheme which will be tendered for will run from April to July this year! Its a bit late now, how much are you getting Ms Ruderham!!! That’s already £70,000 well spent. NOT!

It is not yet known whether the NWC will come into existence by the projected allfools day, 1st April 2012, if ever. Currently legislation is slothing through the parliamentary process and there are still major issues of how it is to be run and funding that remain unresolved. Government have yet to respond to the last consultation made, and yet another will be taking place in the not too distant future.

It is a distinct possibility, that is not acknowledged by either DEFRA or BW, that NWC may not go ahead, as it is financially unviable. If it does go ahead, it could be substantially delayed.

And these people are in charge, I don’t believe it!

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