Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Soft Banks

It doesn’t matter how you tie your knots it will NEVER stop this. This is caused by an ever increasing band of boaters that have no concept of the damage they themselves are doing to the canal banks and the cost of repair! After passing a boat whose pins they have pulled out, should they look behind they will probably say, “It’s their own fault for not tying their boat up properly.” As you can see from this picture the knot is not the problem. This boat ‘Gibraltar’ has been re-pinned three that times I know of.  A fancy knot would have made no difference.05092011663Today on my way to Oxford I came across nb Knight No2 across the canal ( a hire boat had just squeezed past and left it drifting). The owner was on the bank unable to retrieve his boat because all five pins (springs were set) had been pulled out. I was able to gently nudge alongside his boat and then retrieve a pin still attached to a rope which allowed him to pull the nose in and get aboard.

He said, “I have just spent a couple of months on the Thames and not had one pin pulled. I came back here yesterday, went to work this morning and this happens.”

He is not the only one. Many people I meet on the canal complain about the speed of boats. It is the Thames/Hire syndrome. People coming off the Thames simply refuse to slow down to canal speed and no one at the nearby hire base ever bothers to tell them the consequences of speeding. There is no excuse EVER!


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Anonymous said...

I watched this bloke yesterday reversing quite fast down a bit of the canal... sometimes people have to go fast.... apparently ;-)