Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tree Down

This was our view of the downed tree that held us up for four hours yesterday. When I took this picture we (Myself and Ocelots crew) had removed several branches and chucked them back in the field. We probably took out about 5% of the tree and cleared as much of the towpath as we could. When the wrecking crew came they had less work to do and so we were able to get on our way sooner than if we had just sat and waited. Other boaters came to watch all but one just watched while we sawed and chopped and pulled branches out with a rope.DSCF0489DSCF0493DSCF0497DSCF0524DSCF0512DSCF0544Those two boats were moored there at the time of the fall, so lucky.

About four hours after the fall we were able to get on our way. I moored in Oxford at eight thirty. Over eight hours after I set off from Thrupp 7 miles away.

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