Thursday, 13 October 2011


I awoke this morning to see Steve Heyward cruising past my boat on nb JUSTICE. I rolled over and went back to sleep. I had a small problem with my foot a few weeks ago, it seemed to be very heavy on the accelerator pedal. I now need to pay a nice man £60 for the infringement. Trying to sort out a new driving licence after dropping it in the canal is no easy task. I came back to Banbury to facilitate this. There is a doctor of my acquaintance near Tooley’s who can sign my new photo and the post office is here and somewhere I think there are council offices which I also need.

The sun shone gloriously virtually all day. I had a good trip down. Coming into Banbury I met and passed nb Rock ‘n’ Roll, who were late, just time for a quick photo.


Arriving in Banbury I tucked in behind nb Caroline Anne who was having some work done by Matt of Tooley’s. Off to the shops, I  am in serious need of a drain unplugger. By the time I got back Dusty the Coal man was disappearing up the waterway. I called; on the phone of course, one doesn’t do shouting up the canal, he promised to return later which he did. Chatting to him from the towpath was Steve Heyward. Dusty had let him walk all the way from the Banbury arm on his way to the station. Steve had been quite oblivious to his surroundings when he passed me at Cropredy earlier in the day and didn’t remember passing nb Milly M. He did however remember us meeting up in Thrupp about Easter time.The good Dr Saffin of whom I was in need to sign my photograph for my new licence, was not at home. She was away in Thrupp having tea with another Dr of my acquaintance Mortimer Bones. However she (Kate) will be available for autographs tomorrow, so all is not lost. I am going to try and get my bus pass tomorrow, its long over due.

Chris, nb Caroline Anne, came with me to make sure Dusty got through the lock unencumbered and on the way back I disturbed Jessica nb Gremlins Castle, for a quick chat. I returned home and the moorings fell quiet. Nite

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