Friday, 21 October 2011


Gosty Hill came this morning (Thursday) and I parted with some of my well earned sovs in exchange for 5 bags of coal. You wouldn’t believe the fuss a hire boater made because Gosty was breasted up delivering coal.

I set off before lunch heading towards Braunston. I quite like this stretch of the canal once you get past the junction it becomes very wide, compared with the narrow canal up to now.

Local farmers are vandals. Look what they did!


These are up to 5 inch diameter trees just hacked to shreds for a distance of several hundred yards.


Just smashed into fire wood and left all over the tow path for people to trip over.


BW are not happy and the farmer is being told to clear it up

I arrived at Braunston only to find some old friends moored up as I turned on to the GU. I breasted up for a short while for a quick chat, keeping my station with forward and reverse and short blasts on the bow thruster. Suddenly the BT stopped working. I later found out that my bow rope had fallen in the water and been sucked into the BT and was then firmly wrapped around the impellor. Doh!

It seems I moored up in the very same place that Chas & Anne of nb Moore2life had left only a few hours before. On a recent blog post they put up this picture of a stretch of the canal that was under repair.

111011-1Well when I came through there had been considerable progress.

DSCF1280Well done British Waterways!


Neil Corbett said...

We passed that spot just as the farmer was cutting the hedge with a big chewy thing on his tractor. The bits of wood were flying into the canal. At least he had the courtesy to stop and wait while we passed through. We thought he was a contractor for BT.

Maffi said...

He saw you but would he have seen a pedestrian.