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Dog Poo Bin

This story is taken in its entirety from the Buxton Advertiser. Read it carefully and ask your self what BW did wrong. (all bracketed comments are mine) Despite the removal of the dog mess bin at Toddbrook Reservoir dog owners have continued to drop waste there.

Despite the removal of the dog mess bin at Toddbrook Reservoir dog owners have continued to drop waste there.

Published on Sunday 23 October 2011 11:00

COUNCIL chiefs are appealing for Whaley Bridge dog walkers to show ‘common sense’ after a row over a dog waste bin left a local beauty spot a mess.

Residents have been kicking up a stink in recent weeks over the unemptied bin at Toddbrook Reservoir, just off Reservoir Road, which had been left to overflow with bags of dog faeces, which were subsequently being deposited on nearby grass.

The complaints prompted High Peak Borough Council to take the unusual step of removing the bin off British Waterways’ land (if as they say later that it is not their problem why did they take the bin away from BW property),  but this has failed to solve the problem, with bags of rubbish and dog waste continuing to blight the beauty spot.

High Peak Borough Council said any past arrangements with them for emptying the bin on behalf of the landowner were “lost in the mists of time”, (council guilty of poor record keeping) together with the circumstances under which the bin had originally been installed (every dog is owned by a taxpayer so why shouldn’t the council empty the bin without charge).

“It is British Waterways’ responsibility to keep their land clear and tidy,” a council spokesperson said. “This bin has not been on our list to empty for many years, but we did empty it from time to time when we were in the vicinity. (the poo bin man, for want of a better phrase, would have a regular route so he would be in the vicinity as regularly as his route defines). 

“We have returned the bin back to British Waterways and offered them a quote for the annual cost of emptying the bin under contract. (why should BW pay the local council to take away the poo that is left by their taxpayers). Ultimately, if British Waterways do not accept our quote and do not make any alternative arrangements to empty the bin or keep their land in a litter-free condition and clear of dog waste (it seems to me that BW should ban local residents from walking their dogs there) , then we have the power to take enforcement action (bloody fascists).

“We are appealing for dog walkers to show common sense and not leave dog waste in an area where there is no bin (it is obvious that their dog walkers don’t have any common sense), and to either put it in the nearest suitable bin (did the council put up a sign saying where the nearest bin is? after all they stole the bin from BW in the first place), or take it home and dispose of it in their general waste,” the spokesperson said, adding that anyone caught failing to clean up after their dog risked an £80 fine. (cleaning up after their pet isn’t the problem, it what to do with it after the council has wantonly stolen the bin that it doesn’t want to empty)

The issue was discussed at a meeting of Whaley Bridge Town Council last Thursday, when councillor Ron Bowdon questioned why dog waste had been allowed to accumulate at the site as it was a serious danger to public health (because they stole the f***ing bin).

Council chairman Jon Goldfinch said the majority of dog walkers disposed of dog waste responsibly, but added: “It all comes down to people keeping their own environment clean and tidy.”

David Baldacchino, waterway manager, Manchester & Pennine Waterways, said: “We have been discussing the situation regarding the dog waste bin at Toddbrook Reservoir with High Peak Borough Council. We have now come to an agreement and we expect the bin to be reinstated shortly.

“It is disappointing that people have carried on leaving waste at the site when there is alternative disposal facilities close by (where is the sign).

“If the bin is full in the future, we would urge people to use the alternatives or take their waste home.” (yeah right that is not gonna happen)

Question: So what did BW do wrong?

Answer: If the council as they claim had no responsibility for the bin then they trespassed on private property and stole the bin. BW didn’t report the theft of the dog poo bin to the police. Had they done so they could have cut a deal with the council to drop the charges in return for free emptying of the bin in future.Winking smile

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