Monday, 10 October 2011


Being me, I am a totally disorganised sort of chap, my life is difficult. On my leaving day I had so many errands and jobs to do that I didn’t leave until the next day. Though even then I had forgotten to say goodbye to lots of people. Notably Andy Cannon and Craig at the Jolly Boatman. The staff there, Rob and Martin and Joel and Sam, have provided me with many smirthful moments and many good meals worthy of the finest eateries in Oxfordshire. The lads were getting a bit slack on measures before I left, but I don’t hold that against them it has been a busy pub this last few weeks.

I hope Andy still reads the blog and will pass on my regrets to the staff for not coming to say good bye.

I’ll be back, some time.

Ciao dudes.

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Andy said...

Hi Maffi,

I do indeed still read your blog and will pass on your comments to the guys....especially the full pints bit!

We all hope you have a fantastic trip and hope to see you again soon. Thrupp or the JB won't be the same without you.

Have fun.