Friday, 28 October 2011

Hawkesbury Junction

I visited Hawkesbury Junction a few days ago. It is a conservation area.

As conservation areas go it is/was quite nice. The work done is good but there is no follow up, Dog bins have not been emptied and there is rubbish every where. The water point is a mess along where it says Coventry Canal in the picture and up the lock you wouldn’t believe. The lock surrounds are crumbling away and there is litter and prop foul and dog poo all over the place. Not what I expected at all.

DSCF1393Outside what I assume is the old lock keepers cottage

DSCF1385The poo bin

DSCF1394 The crumbling lockside

DSCF1382Prop foul just dumped. There were several piles just discarded.

DSCF1383This is a water point. I wouldn't use it

DSCF1384As is this from which the locals have hived off a connection for the own personal supply

DSCF1391The bridge looks nice but the wooded area to my left is piled high with rubbish. Here I am standing on the tow path on the map where it says Coventry



David Morrell said...

What is the position where local houses or business' tap into a BW water supply? We have had the same problem at my on line mooring - the restaurant next door had hooked up to our waterpoint. As the water is a shared private supply presumably BW have to pay the bill which will include the 'stolen' water. Given BW is in dire financial straits I am surprised they let this go on
David NB Evening cloud

Maffi said...

I don't know David. BW may not know this is happening, might I suggest an email to BW with pictures explaining the situation and see what they say. If BW pay for that water supply it doesnt seem right that a business should use it for free.