Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Molly is a pretty pooch.

Molly is a pretty pooch so you can understand why I thought I might put her forward for the BW/Waterscape current PR event. However when I went to the associated FLKICKR page I found I had to join it in order to enter. OK no problem with that, but when this page appeared I thought better of it. The bells rang in my head, SCAM! Of course its a scam. Any project that ask for access to your page that you wouldn’t give to any other friend is a scam. Any project that refuses to allow you to take part if you don’t allow them these access right is a scam. What I don’t know at this time is if BW/Waterscape are aware that this is going on.


Why do they need have those permissions? If I select ‘Dont Allow’ I cannot join the page, and so cannot enter Molly in the ‘comp’. This is very much a ‘it’s my ball my rules’ situation. Why should I give up my rights on facebook. Molly will just have to wait to become famous.


Chris said...

That will be a Facebook 'App' then, which is also why I don't permit them either.

Maffi said...

It's 'Flickr'.