Wednesday, 19 October 2011

No bangers!

It’s an odd life I have. Today I simply sat on the veranda and read until lunch time. Then I got dressed to pootle off to Napton. As a boat going north passed I started to untie ropes. The Sewing boat came by going south. They fixed my cratch cover after it had been slashed earlier this year. Then the other Sewing boat came south as another boat came through the bridge going north. The Sewing Boat moved over to my side of the canal to let the other boat past and lost it in the wind and the northerly boat had to wait while she got it sorted. Before SB No2 came as I said I was untying my ropes. So now there I was hanging on to my front rope. SB got it sorted eventually and the other boat passed. SB came by even though there was yet another boat at the bridge hole. I quickly tossed my front rope on board and let go aft. I didn’t want to wait in a queue for an endless stream of boats to pass me but I can imagine that the last boat going north which reversed out of their bridge to let SB through, thought I was being a pain, they wouldn't have seen the preceding 10-15 minutes.

However the boat that was now in front of me let me go down the flight first as they were only going to the Old Engine Arm. Which was nice. A chap working at the old Lock Keepers house at the bottom of the flight locked me through the last lock and I pootled off to Braunston.

On passing the Bridge Inn I noticed that on Tuesday nights the was an offer on 10oz steak £8.95 Ok I stopped there for the night instead of going on. Silly me! Later when I went in and ordered my steak the barman said it only applied on Tuesdays.
“But this is Tuesday,” I protested.
“Er no sir its Wednesday,” he said.
“What, where has Tuesday gone?”
“That was yesterday sir.”

I am still thinking I have been duped. I don’t remember Tuesday being gone or what I did on Tuesday that made it go.

My steak that I was so looking forward to was reduced to Sausage and mash. No not bangers, not even SuasageS. Sausage. It was a big one, but still ‘a’ sausage. Not only was it just ‘a’ sausage (of the spiral kind) it spiralled for a left handed eater. Nonetheless jolly tasty as sausages go, and this one did, go that is, straight into my tum.


19102011768_thumb2The only saving grace for not getting my steak was the pudding. Lime cheese cake, didn't last long though. Absolutely scrummy! And the Guinness was only £3.25 which was another plus. Sunday night in the Wharf Inn Fenny Compton I had paid £3.70 and in The Brasenose at Croppers I am sure it was £4.00 (and they didn’t serve a full pint).

And so to bed. Night Night.


Anonymous said...

£3.70 and £4.00 a pint. You lot must be rich down there. Either that or just used to being ripped off.

We thought we were ripped off in Lincoln at £3.20 a pint. Its only £2.20 in Sheffield at our sisters pub!!


Brian (ditchcrawler) said...

I am glad I am not the only one who don't know which day it is. I said to Diana this morning "Lets go to Acle sale" only for her first to remind me its on a Thursday, which I knew, but then she told me today was Friday.

Anonymous said...

so maffi! you have left thrupp,to set out on a voyage north,and your blog posting's have changed fome being gruppy to happy again,great to see you are enjoying yourself oncemore,after all that is why you bought a boat.
and long may it continue.
good luck and happy sailing.


ps how's molly?